A decoding-based fusion rule for cooperative spectrum sensing with nonorthogonal transmission of local decisions

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Bokharaiee, Simin
Nguyen, Ha H
Shwedyk, Ed
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Abstract Cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio (CR) networks is studied in which each CR performs energy detection to obtain a binary decision on the absence/presence of the primary user. The problem of interest is how to efficiently report and combine the local decisions to/at the fusion center under fading channels. In order to reduce the required transmission bandwidth in the reporting phase, the paper examines nonorthogonal transmission of local decisions by means of on-off keying. Proposed and analyzed is a novel decoding-based fusion rule that essentially performs in three steps: (1) estimating minimum mean-square error of the transmitted information from cognitive radios, (2) making hard decisions of the transmitted bits based on the estimated information, and (3) combining the hard decisions in a linear manner. Simulation results support the theoretical analysis and show that the added complexity of the decoding-based fusion rule leads to a considerable performance gain over the simpler energy-based fusion rule when the reporting links are reasonably strong.
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking. 2013 Jul 08;2013(1):184