Developing a community of communities, exploring the planning challenge of municipal restructuring in Ontario's country country

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Kawalec, Chris
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This thesis argues that municipalities, specifically those within the County system of local government, should no longer be comfortable with the governance practices that have perpetuated the uncooperative and isolationist traditions of a primarily regulatory local government. By studying the conditions and recent transformation of three Ontar o Counties (Frontenac, Kent, and Bruce), and applying current theories on municipal restructuring, governance reform, and community development, the idea of building municipal capacity through the creation of larger community at the County scale has been developed. Counties may be able to develop and nurture a community network that is more collaborative in nature, and focused on the pursuit of a community vision. The process of developing a "Community of Communities" has not been represented as a "quick-fix" to ease the growing number of stresses threatening the viability of municipalities. Instead, municipalities are being encouraged to recognize that many of the problems and issues that they face are cross-cutting in nature, and cannot be fully addressed simply through current municipal mechanisms. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)