Applicability of the ISO 14001 environmental managemen system standard to Manitoba hydro

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Loves, Orly
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The aim of this thesis was to study and document the process and effects of applying, or conforming an Environmental Management System (EMS) to the international ISO 14001 EMS Standard in general, and more specifically, for an integrated electric utility such as Manitoba Hydro. In addition, an environmental management software package was evaluated, to determine its usefulness as a tool in developing, implementing and managing the above mentioned EMS. An overview of environmental charters/guidelines, industrial initiatives and other EMS systems is presented to illustrate their roles in the eventual creation of the ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems - Specification with guidance for use is the fundamental part of the ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards. It defines a systematic process, by which organizations can identify and manage their environmental responsibilities and commitments, and may be objectively verified as evidence of their commitment should they so choose. ISO 14004 is a guidance document created to assist in implementing the ISO 14001 standard. Three auditing standards, that may be used with ISO 14001 are also discussed. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)