Communicating Canada's Oceans Act, a strategy tailored to the coastal communities of the Canadian Arctic

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Lamboo, Andrea M.
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This thesis presents the results of research initiated in May of 1998 to address the need for a communication strategy for Canada's ' Oceans Act' and its three programs. The development of a strategy to communicate the Act and its three programs to the Canadian Arctic coastal communities of Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Central and Arctic Region is the overall goal of this research. To effectively communicate the Act and its three programs, there are three objectives: (1) to identify and document Arctic Ocean activities and resource uses in the Central and Arctic Region, developing a catalogue of uses for the area; (2) to identify resource users and stakeholder groups that are affected by ocean activities and compile stakeholder contact information into a database for future reference; and (3) to develop a communication strategy for the ' Oceans Act' and its programs for the coastal co munities of Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Central and Arctic Region. The research was carried out through literature reviews, unstructured interviews, Internet searches, and community visits. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)