Analysis of the non-saturated Readers and Writers system with a threshold policy

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Xu, Eric
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This thesis builds an analytical model system for the non-saturated Writers and Readers problem with threshold service policy. The Writers and Readers problem is a queuing system which has two kinds of customers and multiple servers. The two kinds of customers are called "Writers" and "Readers" respectively. A Writer is served by all servers as a single server system. Readers can be served each by one server as a multiple server system. This thesis sets up two vacation models for the Writers and Readers respectively. Since the dependency between Writers and Readers is approximated, this model system is an approximation. The numerical results compared with the simulation results show that this vacation model system approximates the non-saturated Writers and Readers problem very well. The non-saturated Writers and Readers system with threshold service policy is a general situation of the classical Writers and Readers problem. It considers the case where both Writers and Readers have thresholds for beginning of service. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)