An indigenous knowledge garden, an urban teaching garden for the preservation of indigenous environmental knowledge

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Moors, Allan D.
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The overriding intent of this practicum is to develop an urban teaching garden that will facilitate the instruction of Indigenous knowledge. The environmental knowledge of Indigenous people, locally and globally, is rooted in the natural world. These are valid knowledge systems that can inform social reform, development practices, and environmental management, in a way that respects and values the natural world. Projects like the one proposed within are important in preserving the knowledge of local Aboriginal peoples, which is quickly disppearing. This is most evident in urban centres, where the Aboriginal population has been cut off from their traditional teachings. For the most part, the knnowledge of local Aboriginal people is not being taught in urban schools. Aboriginal people need naturalized urban settings where their knowledge can be passed on through traditional means. The Living Prairie Museum was chosen as a suitable site for this project because of its associated natural environment and its focus on environmental education. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)