Sherbrooke Community Centre, a restorative garden

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Young, Jocelyn
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According to the 'Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada 1997' (Belanger, Dumas, 1998), 11.6% of our current population is over 65, but by 2030, the baby boomer population bulge will increase the rate of this age group to 23% of the total population. Approximately 8% of the population over 65 lives in institutions. At present, 28% of all women and 17% of all men over 80 years old live in institutions. As our population ages proportionally, good quality health care and positive nursing home environments become increasingly important. The objective of this practicum is to design an outdoor garden adjacent to a nursing home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The purpose of this garden is to provide a site which is restorative and healing to the human psyche. The garden will be sensitive to the needs of residents, their families, and workers at the nursing home, and will be appropriate to regional prairie environmental conditions. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)