A quantitative and qualitative assessment of stormwater retention basisns, relationships in nature and response to three aquatic weed control methods

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Wakelin, Sarah Catherine
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An intensive water quality study was carried out for 5 months during the summer of 1998 on 58 stormwater retention basins (SRBs) in the City of Winnipeg. The basins' primary function is to serve as land drainage storage reservoirs within the city; however, developers advertise them as pristine 'lakes' to residents in sub-developments. Due to the nature of the ponds, they quickly become choked with vegetation, which disenchants many property owners. Since a large-scale study had not been completed in the past it was desirable to compose a large database of water quality values with which to make comparisons between the SRBs' overall characteristics. The City of Winnipeg has implemented a series of control measures in order to help alleviate customer dissatisfaction by removing vegetation using the herbicides Karmex-DF and Reglone-A, as well as a mechanical weed harvester. An assessment as to the best method of control was also desired. In order to gauge the water quality pertaining to these objectives, waterquality was assessed on 10 occasions, bi-weekly, from May to September 1998. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)