Getting towards yes, integrating principled public involvement into B.C.'s regional growth strategies

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Westberg, Eric Roland
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The recent provincially-initiated re-introduction of regional growth management planning in B.C. through Regional Growth Strategy policy has significantly advanced long-term planning for sustainable development in B.C. regions. Although this policy mandates plans which address a holistic range of issues, it is largely silent on the subject of public involvement in the regional growth planning process. Considering that Regional Growth Strategies must take on ambitious sustainability goals, navigate inter-municipal conflict, overcome NIMBY, and engage an uninterested public, the lack of structure surrounding public involvement is a serious concern. B.C. regional planners themselves have recognized this fact and have called for guidance on this issue. This practicum maintains a focus on these planners' needs, and looks at two key context areas facing Regional Growth Strategies: regionalism and inter-municipal conflict; and urban citizenship/community. In each area characteristics and trends are explored, and threats and opportunities in relation to public involvement are identified. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)