Chasing the north | Port Radium, NWT

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Levesque, Marie
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There are currently very few examples of northern Canadian landscape architecture. There is even less literature on the subject. This design practicum follows a broad exploration of the Canadian North in an attempt to understand how the discipline of landscape architecture may insert itself as a profession capable of functioning in a northern environment. Key design issues specific to the North have been identified through a review of literature and personal experience working in the North, and have been categorized in three main areas: socio-economic, socio-cultural and physical environment. A framework of considerations for northern landscape architecture has been proposed and applied to the research process, supporting a holistic approach. A design has been proposed for the historic mine site of Port Radium, Northwest Territories. The design tests the applicability of landscape architecture in the North and follows the proposed framework, considering the history and future of the site from a socio-economic, socio-cultural and environmental perspective.
North, Canadian North, Landscape Architecture, design, Port Radium, landscape