Effects of gluten strength on the rheological and textural properties of spaghetti made from durum wheat

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Sopiwnyk, Elaine Janice
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Durum wheat cultivars with extra strong gluten properties are claimed by pasta manufacturers to result in pasta superior cooking quality. However, very few studies have been published which have examined the effect of extra strong gluten cultivars on pasta cooking quality. A study was undertaken to determine the rheological, starch characteristics and pasta cooking quality of a set of seven durum wheat samples varying in gluten strength properties, but with comparable protein content. The effect of drying temperature on the cooking quality of pasta made from durum wheat samples varying in gluten strength was also investigated. Overall, differences in rheological properties of semolina were related to gluten strength. Although differences were observed in starch pasting properties these differences were not related to gluten strength properties. Cooked pasta texture assessed using the Lloyd, viscoelastograph and sensory evaluation revealed that pasta made from samples with weaker gluten strength did not necessarily result in pasta with poorer cooking quality than pasta made from samples with stronger gluten strength. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)