Modification and testing of a nitrogen-refrigerated, controlled-atmosphere container for the distribution of fresh red meat

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Habok, Melissa Nicole Nadya
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An extension of the storage life of fresh red meat is required for the worldwide distribution of the product. An insulated container was modified with the objective of improving the variable nitrogen use of a system which was previously used in a similar study. It was attempted to distribute the nitrogen within the container without the use of fans, however this proved unsuccessful. A centrifugal fan, which had a motor residing outside the container, provided a uniform temperature within the container and lowered the variable nitrogen use of the system. The target temperature range for the system was changed to -1.0 +- 0.5C to eliminate any economical losses attributed to meat tissue freezing, however, as a result, the storage life was thought to have been shortened by 10%. A master pack was simulated by placing 6-kg pork butt roasts in an aluminum tray and over wrapped with an unsealed plastic bag, with the temperature of the meat within each tray being recorded. The container was tested at outside temperatures of 30, 15, 0, -15C. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)