The emerging epidemic of type 2 diabetes mellitus in First Nation children and youth, issues related to diagnosis, etiology, complications and treatment

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Sellers, Elizabeth A. C.
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Type 2 diabetes affects over 100 million people worldwide. The prevalence is increasing and there are projections that over 250 million individuals will be affected by the year 2020. Classically considered a disease of adults, it is now becoming clear that type 2 diabetes is affecting children and youth. The earlier age of onset magnifies the potential socioeconomic and health impact at both an individual and societal level. To combat this emerging problem, we need a better understanding of the epidemiology, diagnosis, complications, treatment, and prevention of type 2 diabetes in youth. Health care providers, policy makers and administrators face a major challenge in the 21st century to gain a better understanding of this new phenomenon in pediatrics. This thesis represents several projects linked by the common theme of type 2 diabetes in youth. The unifying objective is to improve our understanding of this new disorder so we can ultimately improve prevention, detection and treatment in order to impact positively on the health of children and youth at risk for the development of type 2 diabetes. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)