Design and implementation of a dc/dc resonant converter for power system applications

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Fazel Darbandi, Arash
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In modern power system, the energy conversion includes a large number of the energy processors, and demands high quality, small, lightweight, reliable and efficient power procedures. The existing linear power regulators can only handle low power levels and demonstrate a low efficiency in the power processing. Pulse-width modulated (PWM) converters demonstrate high turn on and turn off losses, and increase in the electromagnetic interference (EMI). Resonant power conversion becomes more suitable in the renewable energy and energy harvesting applications. Since the resonant conversion requires operating in high frequency, the electrical components such as transformers, filter inductors and capacitors become much smaller and lighter. This can result in reducing size and cost. In addition, use of soft switching technique in the resonant conversion reduced the switching losses and EMI level. In this research project, a DC/DC resonant converter has been designed and modelled in PSCAD/EMTDC. The functionality of DC/DC resonant converter is validated in a hardware implementation of the small scale DC system.
resonant converter, generalized state space