A framework for the development of a community-based watershed management plan for the Cedar River Watershed, a proposal for the long-term sustainability of the fishery resource

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Wall, Steven S.
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Stakeholders in the Cedar River Watershed, located in Northern Ontario, are concerned about the sustainability of the watershed under current resource management practices exercised by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR). The main issue of concern among stakeholders was the sustainability of the fishery resource. The OMNR has begun to develop a community-based watershed management plan (CBWMP) in order to address resource management problems. The two principle objectives of the research were: (1) to formulate a framework/model that could be used for the continued development of a CBWMP for the Cedar River Watershed, centered about the current issue of the fishery resource--with applications to other Northern Ontario watersheds; and (2) to determine and recommend strategies/tactics that will be most acceptable to Cedar River Watershed stakeholders for the effective management of the fishery resource. The objectives were addressed through survey research and analysis, and through a review of current literature and government reports. The model for a CBWMP is based upon seven basic components found in several examples of CBWMP's across Canada and around the world, and a decision making process of consensus. The research found that stakeholders in the Cedar River Watershed were re eptive to the development of a CBWMP, and had many common interests and goals on how to maintain the fishery and other watershed resources. Differences did exist in opinions on which management strategies would be best for achieving the goals. However, the survey also revealed a significant number of management strategies that would be acceptable to the majority of stakeholders and stakeholder groups. A CBWMP takes an holistic approach to both the environmental aspects and the community aspects of resources management necessary for sustainability. The CBWMP provides a common basis where communication between all stakeholders can be fostered to lead to sustainability in resources management. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)