Managing for results at Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site, a review of and recommendations for measurable objectives in the site management plan

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Lunn, Kevin
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The government-wide initiative to manage for results, through a planning reporting and accountability structure which includes parks and sites management plans, is creating significant change to both the use and content of management plans. Managing for results focuses Parks Canada on its goals of ensuring commemorative and ecological integrity. The recently completed Prince of Wales Fort National Historic management along with a number of other national historic site management plans are reviewed and evaluated to determine whether they can provide measurability--the means to evaluate whether implementation of strategic directions and key objectives in the management plan are leading to success in ensuring commemorative integrity. The results of the evaluation indicate that the Prince of Wales Fort management plan does provide some measurable objectives by which to evaluate results of implementing the management plan. However, monitoring and evaluation, the collection of pre-test and post-test data, and theneed to use objective-oriented evaluation in decision-making need to be explicitly stated in management plans as general pract ces of site management. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)