Development, implementation, and evaluation of a parish nursing practice

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Boyes, Pattie A.
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In this practicum I worked with people of a faith community (i.e., church, temple, synagogue, mosque) to plan, establish, and evaluate a parish nurse practice. A parish nurse is a currently licensed registered nurse who, as a staff member of a community of faith, promotes health of body, mind, and spirit across the lifespan. Parish nurses work to help people integrate their faith and health through health education, health counseling, health referrals, health advocacy, and volunteer coordination. This is not an invasive role, i.e., parish nurses do not change dressings or test blood. Development of parish nursing at Pioneer Faith Community (a pseudonym) started with an informal assessment by the leaders of the faith community that was augmented by other assessment methods. Program planning included establishing priorities regarding the health needs and strengths that fit the faith community, the nurse, the amount of time, and, of course, the roles of parish nursing. As a parish nurse half of my time was with health education--developing curriculum, teaching, writing, and organizing guest speakers and a health fair. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)