Applying an integration of solution focused therapy and family of origin therapy models in working with couples

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Steele, Jay Jenny
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This practicum repo t attempts to illustrate the effectiveness of an integration of two separate models of family therapy. The solution focused therapy model and family of origin therapy have been combined to provide therapeutic intervention to couples who are experiencing various difficulties in their relationships. It is the author's belief that a combination of these treatment modalities would be beneficial in helping couples work through their problems. The practicum had several learning objectives for this author as a Master of Social student: (1) To expand my knowledge of the dynamics of couples in conflict and the various issues involved. (2) To increase my knowledge of the brief solution focused, and family of origin treatment approaches to marital therapy. (3) To acquire advanced skill, as well as a development of style, substance, and confidence in the application of these two interventive approaches in a supervised setting. (4) To determine the efficiency of the integration of family of origin and brief solution focused models of therapy. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)