The Manitoba Product Stewardship Program, a comparative review and assessment

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Holmes, Glen
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Packaging Stewardship is an elusive term that defies a static definition. In a broad sense, it suggests that responsibility be taken by industry, in whole or in part, for the waste resulting from its products. Shared responsibility is touted in Canada as an important principle of stewardship, which allows all those who benefit from packaging to play a role in its management. The Manitoba Product Stewardship Program (MPSP) is a stewardship initiative intended to instill a degree of responsibility among product distributors within the Province of Manitoba. The purpose of this research was to comparatively review, and assess the state of stewardship in Manitoba, and specifically determine the strengths and weaknesses of the MPSP. A stakeholder survey and literature review was performed as a means of achieving the following objectives: to define the concept of packaging stewardship; to document the evolution of the MPSP; to outline the program's strengths and weaknesses; to establish the effective components of other stewardship programs; and to make recommendations regarding the future development of the MPSP. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)