Management roles and responsibilities for Winnipeg's riparian stewardship groups

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Flynn, Marli Faye
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The roles and responsibilities of Winnipeg's riparian stewardship groups in the management and stewardship of Winnipeg's waterways were not clearly defined. The objectives of this study were to investigate and document the ad hoc roles and responsibilities of Winnipeg's Riparian Groups, to create a framework showing the interactions between the Groups and other agencies for riparian stewardship in Winnipeg, and to explore future directions for the Groups in Winnipeg. The research methods used in this practicum were literature review and interviews with a representative of each riparian stewardship group and nine government and non-government organisations. Goals of the Riparian Stewardship Groups studied included naturalisation and reforestation of waterways, preservation and conservation of riverine habitat and public education about environmental issues affecting waterways. In conclusion, the Groups role in management, at present and into the future, was to act as public advocates to lobby government, to clean up riparian areas, to work in partnership with government and other agencies to reach mutual goals and to educate the public about riparian issues. Future directions for the Groups include the need for some agency to take a lead role and direct and help develop the Groups to their full potential. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)