Ergonomic Control Panel Design for a Remotely Operated Agricultural Tractor

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Mastorakos, Maria
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An ergonomic control panel was designed for a remotely operated agricultural tractor. In order to inform the design, information was collected via ergonomic literature, ride-alongs with tractor operators, and interviews with tractor operators and experienced design professionals. Ride-alongs were used to determine frequency and sequence of use in agricultural tractors. The most frequently used control was the one that controlled the implement being pulled behind the tractor. There was no sequence pattern observed over all the ride-alongs. The control panel design was evaluated using design criteria from the information collected, the Index of Functionality, and the Index of Accessibility. The Index of Functionality was assessed and validated as a tool for ergonomic control panel design. The final design satisfied all the criteria outlined and achieved good index scores.
Ergonomic control panel, tractor control panel design, Index of functionality evaluation