Parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera: pteromalidae, ichneumonidae) for control of house flies and stable flies (dipteramuscidae) in dairy operations in Manitoba

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McKay, Tanja
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In 1995, eight Manitoba dairies were chosen to evaluate the release of commercially available parasitoid wasps on house flies and stable flies. Four farms were used as release sites, while four farms were used as controls. Although Nasonia vitripennis (Walker) and Muscidifurax zaraptor Kogan & Legner were promised by the supplier, only N. vitripennis was present in subsamples. Numbers of parasitoids in bags within shipments were not significantly different and an average of 67.7 $\pm$ 2.2% of pupae per bag were parasitized. Per cent parasitism among shipments was significantly different. On average, each bag contained 91,202 $\pm$ 6,577 parasitoids. An estimated 3,648,093 parasitoids were released at four farms from 10 July to 10 September, 1995. Of the N. vitripennis released, 41% were females. For the release farms, of the 10,622 previously frozen sentinel pupae recovered, 843 (7.9%) were parasitized. For the 11,897 naturally occurring pupae collected at the release farms, 472 (4.046) were parasitized. In1996, 50,842 live sentinel pupae were r trieved from two non-release farms and 2,052 (4.0%) were parasitized. A laboratory experiment was conducted to determine if P. fumator preferred to attack house fly pupae or larvae. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)