Two-phase pressure drop and phase distribution at a reduced horizontal tee junction, the effect of system pressure

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Van Gorp, Casey A.
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The present investigation generated phase-distribution and pressure-drop data for air-water flows in a reduced horizontal tee junction. This junction consisted of a 38.1-mm I.D. inlet tube with a 7.85-mm I.D. branch tube, thus yielding a diameter ratio of $\rm D\sb3/D\sb1=0.206.$ The operating conditions were as follows: an inlet* pressure of 3.0 bar (abs), an inlet temperature near ambient, an inlet mass flux in the range $\rm 11.5 \le G\sb1\le 181.5\ kg/m\sp2s,$ inlet superficial gas velocities in the range $\rm 2.7\le J\sb{G1}\le 40.1\ m/s,$ superficial liquid velocities in the range $\rm 0.0021\le J\sb{L1}\le 0.0398\ m/s,$ and extraction ratios in the range $\rm 0.049\le W\sb3/W\sb1\le 0.904.$ This combination of inlet conditions led to observed inlet flow regimes of stratified, stratified-wavy, wavy, semiannular, and annular. The present data were compared against those of Walters (1994) under similar conditions with the exception of system (inlet) pressure. (Abstract shortened by UMI.) ftn*The word "inlet,"as used in this thesis, refers to the tee junction inlet.