Parent perceptions of the bases, costs, and benefits of moving their children from public to private education in Manitoba

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Friesen, Allan
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Some parents have chosen to move their children from one school to another. These moves have taken students in every direction--public to public, public to private, private to public, and private to private. The purposes of this study are to examine why some parents have moved their children from the public into the private education system, and to explore, not just on what bases, but also at what costs and benefits these moves have been made. A literature search generated sixteen possible factors which may influence the parents' decision-making process as they contemplated moving their children to their present school. The methodology consisted of selecting seven parenting couples or individuals who had transfered twelve f their children from public neighborhood schools into a private Christian school within the last two school years. Two interviews were conducted with each of these couples or individuals using protocols that were developed from the original research questions and from the factors identified in the literature. Data from the interviews were recorded on tape and transcribed. Analysis of the data followed the canons of qualitative research methodology. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)