The role of bone morphogenetic proteins in d-galactosamine induced hepatic failure

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Kong, Weisi
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Bone morphogenetic proteins-2/4/7 (BMP-2/4/7) are important cytokines in systemic tissue morphogenesis. It has been demonstrated BMPs may have positive effects on liver repair and regeneration after hepatic injury. However, their function in the liver still remains unclear. D-galactosamine (D-gal) is a hepatotoxin used to induce hepatic failure. We employed D-gal and rat hepatoma cell line (1548) to investigate BMP-2/4/7 expression in hepatic injury induced by D-gal and probe their relations with liver repair and regeneration in hepatic injury. LDH release, mRNA and protein expression were detected. Results indicated that BMP-2/4/7 expression was activated by injury of rat hepatoma cells. It is indicative that repair and regeneration of the liver after hepatic injury and morphogenesis in early embryos seem to proceed through the same process. BMPs may be not only associated with hepatic injury after repair and regeneration, but also involved in chronic liver.
bone morphogenetic protein, hepatic failure, d-galactosamine