The effects of a competition routine intervention on youth swimmers' competition anxiety, confidence and performance

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Davies, Kristin
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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a competition routine intervention on youth swimmers’ competition anxiety, confidence and performance. Participants of this study were youth swimmers (n = 4; female) between the ages of 12-16. Through the use of a multiple-baseline, single-subject design, participants received a competition routine intervention involving imagery, positive self-talk and a relaxation deep-breathing technique. Mixed methods were used, with participants completing the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory for Children questionnaire prior to their swim race and a reflective questionnaire following their swim race. Participants also took part in a follow-up interview upon completing the study. Participants showed no considerable decrease in cognitive and somatic anxiety, or increase in self-confidence or performance following the intervention. However, reflective questionnaire and interview results showed that participants perceived a positive improvement in all of these areas and found the intervention beneficial.
competition, routine, imagery, self-talk, relaxation, anxiety, confidence, performance, youth, swimming