Feeling pain, producing beauty: experiences of women hairstylists at work and home

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Carvalho, Ana Paula
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The occurrence of work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMD) has been a focus of much research and the prevalence of upper extremity disorders (UED) has also been explored. Most of the studies addressing WRMD among hairstylists considered the biomechanical demands of the industry, with a few studies acknowledging the psychosocial risk factors as precipitators of the upper extremity pain. This qualitative study contributes to an understanding of the biopsychosocial factors linked to the experience of pain, and how the process of adjustment to pain impacted the performance of roles at work and home of female hairstylists. The PEO model (Law et al., 1996) was used to describe the impact of pain on roles and the adjustment process in the management of roles, and facilitated an understanding of the occupational performance issues face by the stylists experiencing upper extremity pain.
hairstylists, musculoskeletal disorders, upper extremity disorders, psychosocial aspects, roles, pain, accommodation to pain