Travelling Wave Based DC Line Fault Location in VSC HVDC Systems

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Karasin Pathirannahalage, Amila Nuwan Pathirana
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Travelling wave based fault location techniques work well for line commutated converter (LCC) based high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines, but the large capacitors at the DC line terminals makes application of the same techniques for voltage source converter (VSC) based HVDC schemes challenging. A range of possible signals for detecting the fault generated travelling wave arrival times was investigated. Considering a typical VSC HVDC system topology and based on the study, an efficient detection scheme was proposed. In this scheme, the rate of change of the current through the surge capacitor located at each line terminal is measured by using a Rogowski coil and compared with a threshold to detect the wave fronts. Simulation studies in PSCAD showed that fault location accuracy of ±100 m is achievable for a 300 km long cable and 1000 km long overhead line. Experimental measurements in a practical HVDC converter station confirmed the viability of the proposed measurement scheme.
Travelling wave based fault location, VSC HVDC