Oasis in the sky, a roof garden for Sek on Tai elderly persons' housing

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Wong, Yau Ming Aloysius
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This practicum explores the utility of the mostly barren and desert-like roof space of our residential buildings. The concept is to reclaim an otherwise uninhabited roof top and transform it into a pleasant and enjoyable recreational space, an "Oasis in the Sky". The concepts is manifested through the location of activity zones and the design of associated structures in the confined roof environment. The project illustrates that "Oasis in the Sky" as an achievable concept. The design is complemented by a brief description of construction and site maintenance techniques. A time when urbanization has reduced on-ground recreational space to a minimum, the roofs of our buildings could be better utilized to provide a solution to this problem. Although the developed roof space could never replace natural green space on the ground, it would form a refuge of its own amidst the chaos of our urban centres, becoming an "Oasis in the Sky."