Descriptions of successful teachers' perspectives and practices for integration at the junior high level

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McLean, Linda S.
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This study was designed to provide a detailed description of teacher perspectives and the relationships between best teacher practices and inclusive classrooms. Qualitative research methods, including observations and interviews were appropriate in order to learn directly from teachers how their particular teaching styles, practices and perceptions impact on their ability to foster inclusive classrooms for all learners. These methods allowed me to enter the world of the teachers daily life and produce descriptive data of the informants words and observable behaviour. The study looked at three Junior High Teachers who had been nominated by the Superintendents, Director of Special Education and Principals as being successful at integrating students with disabilities into their respective classrooms. The interview and observational data was then organized, reduced, coded, systematically filed and placed on matrices. This method was used to explore emerging themes, consistencies and hypotheses. A picture of daily classroom experiences emerged.