Interior design for travelling dance professionals: a short term residence and performance space

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Shapera, Tali
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Several dancers travel to different cities as their careers performing ballets for audiences nationally and internationally. However, their constant travelling does not allow the dancers to gain a sense of place or form a connection with the cities they visit. The objective of this practicum project is to address this issue by producing an ideal environment that is designed for the dancers needs. This will be achieved by analyzing the role of interior design by proposing a Short Term Residence for Travelling Dance Professionals visiting the city of Winnipeg. The design project is a new typology where dancers coming to Winnipeg have the opportunity to stay in one location that will provide housing, dance rehearsal space, and most importantly an opportunity for collaboration and creative synergy to occur. The theories I will investigate are, the Significance of Place and Community, Collaborative Social Environments, and Performance and the Body in Space.
Interior Design, Architecture, Body in Space, Dance and Motion, Placemaking, Place Attachment, Collaborative Environments, Artist Collective, Community, Short Term Residence, Performing Arts