The development of an implementation strategy for road pricing, a case study of Greater Vancouver in the context of metropolitan region transportation planning

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Broughton, Tegan
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Road pricing and tolling are proposed in the Greater Vancouver Regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Project (1996) as measures for managing future travel demand within Greater Vancouver. The focus of this practicum has been: (a) to gather knowledge to understand how metropolitan transportation planning has resulted in traffic congestion; (b) to understand the unique problems of the Greater Vancouver region with respect to traffic congestion and the planning intervention efforts so far, (c) to study in-depth one strategy to combat traffic congestion which is presented in the literature, i.e. transportation demand management (TDM), in the Greater Vancouver context; and (d) to inform the development of an implementation strategy for one key aspect of the TDM solution, i.e. road pricing. A review of the literature on TDM, land use and transportation planning and road pricing was conducted. Further information was gathered through an email questionnaire survey of individuals experienced with the implementation of road pricing in other contexts. Then, to explore the Greater Vancouver applicability of projects undertaken in other contexts, key informants from the region were interviewed. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)