Formulation of an ecotourism policy framework for Manitoba

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Keszi, Joseph M.
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Manitoba, with its diversity of ecological and cultural reserves, has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for ecotourism experiences. This study addresses that opportunity, presenting a policy framework for the development of ecotourism in Manitoba. In developing this framework, interviews were carried out with members of various stakeholder groups, including: government (Provincial and Federal), industry (operators, marketers, and associations), First Nations, and environmental non-government organizations. Proposed objectives are developed for eight different policy areas, addressing issues relating to: sustainability; business viability; integrated resource management planning; infrastructure; leadership and cooperation; marketing; aboriginal involvement; and awareness and understanding. Individual policies are formulated to achieve each objective and suggestions are made for application of the policies. Recommendations for the development of Manitoba's ecotourism industry and implementation of this document include efforts to: further develop the proposed policy framework; establish industry credibility within the marketplace; facilitate quality product development; and market Manitoba as an ecotourism destination. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)