An analysis of the Manitoba/Winnipeg Community Revitalization Program implementation process

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Johnson, Dianne L. M.
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The practicum is a study of the implementation of the Manitoba/ Winnipeg Community Revitalization Program (M/WCRP). The program's goal is the revitalization of older neighbourhoods by working closely with residents in the planning and funding of capital projects that improve neighbourhood facilities. The purpose of the practicum is to examine the implementation of the program in two case study neighbourhoods and analyze how the implementation process actually unfolded. This analysis will lead to a better understanding of how and why implementation does not always occur as planned and how the implementors involved in the process can be flexible and adjust to changes as they occur. The study methodology first involved a review of existing literature in the field of implementation analysis in order to develop an appropriate framework for the analysis in the two case study neighbourhoods. The next stage of the research involved a description of the implementation process as it is designed by t e implementors, followed by a description of what actually occurred during implementation, based on my experience as a participant-observer. Using an interpretive approach to implementation analysis, the study looked at, from several different perspectives, the relationships and interactions between the actors involved in implementation. When dealing with the implementation of a policy or program, deviations from a designed process are to be expected. Reflecting on what actually happened during implementation leads to a better understanding of how to improve implementation in the future.