Group therapy with pre-adolescent girls in school settings, observations and analysis of the girls rule club

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Podaima, Colleen Penner
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Sandra Friedman's Girls in the 90's (sic) uses a peer group approach to encouraging girls to meet and discuss their issues and concerns. In this practicum, the Girls in the '90s program is modified to meet the needs of a specific middle school setting and includes adaptations to the time and place of the group's meeting, abbreviated number of sessions and alternative group exercises. The results, based on evaluation forms, interviews with the girls and telephone surveys of their parents suggest the group is perceived as a supportive tool to help facilitate the transition from elementary to middle school. Girls indicate that the opportunity to discuss relationships (with peers, boys and family) and practice assertiveness/anger management techniques were most meaningful. Parents support the group but are not eager to become involved in sessions designed to inform them of the materials and techniques used. Future recommendations include adding more sessions, amending the group selection process and providing an information session for parents to meet before the start of the girls group. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)