Greenspace enhancement in agro-Manitoba communities

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Holweger, Ute Elisabeth
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This study looks at how agro-Manitoba communities are adapting to these changes in order to accommodate some of the current social, environmental and economic trends. Some of the recent initiatives within these communities include rails-to-trails, urban walkways, and habitat conservation and restoration. Agro-Manitoba communities are finding that these initiatives tend to be more cost effective and ecologically functioning than traditional landscapes. They also require less maintenance, provide greater means for environmental education and allow for more community involvement. The intent of the demonstration project is to establish a connected network of habitat and public open space by developing a greenspace enhancement plan for the Town of Birtle, Manitoba. This plan will assist the town in developing a community walkway system that links the historical, social, and natural amenities of Birtle through a continuous network of greenspace. This initiative will provide a means for habitat conservation, recreational activities, historic preservation, and environmental education. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)