Repair of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Bridge Barriers

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Islam, Mohammad Rubiat
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In present days both concrete bridge decks and barriers are being internally reinforced with corrosion free glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars. The design of bridge decks and barriers with internal GFRP reinforcement is well established and incorporated in current CAN/CSA-S6-06 code provisions. However, no test results are available on repairing GFRP-RC bridge barriers in case of damage caused by vehicle accidents. Therefore, this present research is aimed to conduct experiments on repairing full-scale GFRP-RC bridge barriers and provide much needed guidelines to repair such barriers. To do so, three full-scale 6-m long Performance Level-2 (PL-2) concrete bridge barriers (used in moderate to high traffic volume highways) totally reinforced with GFRP bars as per CAN/CSA-S6-06 were constructed. Then these barriers were tested at the middle and two edges of the barrier by applying monotonic load up to failure simulating vehicle crash test. Two different repair techniques, Splicing (Planting) and Near Surface Mounted (NSM), were used to repair the damaged barriers, and finally retested under the identical load condition that of intact barriers to evaluate the efficiency of the repair techniques. Test results were compared and discussed in terms of barrier wall capacity, mode of failure, deflection and strains in GFRP bars to evaluate the performance of intact barrier walls as well as efficiency of the repair techniques. It was concluded that GFRP-RC bridge barrier can be repaired using either Splicing (Planting) technique or NSM technique.
Civil, GFRP