The edge, a floating neighborhood, an exploration into the phenomena of float home living

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Altin, Dolores R.
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The following study is an exploration into the nature of float home living as a cultural phenomena which is regaining popularity on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. The main objective of this study is to identify the environmental and cultural attractions that inspire people to choose float home living. The study is based on original research in the form of a resident questionnaire, as well as published literature on the subject of floating lifestyles and preferences. The study of a floating neighborhood presents an opportunity to explore a specialized segment of the population and its unique combination of landscape/seascape adaptation in a non traditional residential dwelling type. The study reveals a complex social and cul ural system that is closely linked to its geographic location and natural setting. Based on the findings of this research, a design concept and program was developed. These are discussed in the body of the practicum and presented in graphic form. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)