Anger management groups for adolescents

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Gwynn, Arthur
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The report reviews theories, treatment approaches and measures relating to anger management and aggression with particular interest in adolescence. The practicum involves the use of two types of anger control training programs for teen aged clients of a child welfare agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Anger Control Twining as dev loped by Eva Feindler (1986) and Psychological Skill Streaming based on Arnold Goldstein's (1980) work served as the models used in the two anger management groups presented to the adolescents. The Stait-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI) was utilized as a pre and post test measure to assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs offered. The scores from the measure are highlighted along with an interpretation of the results. The treatment group utilizing Feindler's Anger Control Training showed positive changes as reflected in the pre and post test scores on the STAXI. A review of the implementation of the program is presented and includes recommendations for future use of the models for anger management programs for teens.