The campus climate, a chilly one for support staff at the University of Manitoba

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Ruchkall, Barbara Lynne
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Published information about support staff in universities is extremely sparse. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women support staff experience a "chilly climate". The literature on the "chilly climate" for women in academe was reviewed and "chilly climate" factors were identified. A demographic analysis was performed, by sex, on full-time support staff at the University of Manitoba on October 1, 1995. A questionnaire was mailed to a 40% proportional random sample of full-time support staff on the Fort Garry campus, University of Manitoba. Results of the demographic analysis and questionnaire suggest that support staff experience a "chilly climate" and are marginalized relative to academic staff. The campus climate was often perceived and experienced differently by women and men, and by age group, level of educational attainment, employee group, race, physical ability and sexual orientation. Recommendations are made for the University of Manitoba Administration, Senate, Faculties, Schools and Departments, University of Manitoba academic and support staff leaders, the University of Manitoba Department of Human Resources in conjunction with support staff employee groups and Information Services and Technology, the Government of Manitoba, and the University of Manitoba support staff. Suggestions for further research were also provided.