The North Portage project, an urban planning perspective on public-private partnerships and downtown revitalization

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Root, Elizabeth Mary
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This is a qualitative study of the North Portage revitalization project in downtown Winnipeg. The objective of the study is to examine downtown revitalization and public-private partnerships from an urban planning perspective. The practicum explores three main themes: (1) The theory and practice of downtown revitalization; (2) The problem of downtown decline; (3) The role, function, and innovations of a community development corporation and public-private partnerships in the North Portage revitalization project. The North Portage planning and development process was a response to the social, economic, and physical decline which had occurred in the area since World War II. In order to reverse the investment inertia the North Portage project did not apply a standard redevelopment formula but the planning and development process was flexible and responsive to the development context. This responsiveness was enhanced by a community development corporation which was created to oversee the implementation of the development plan and to facilitate public-private partnerships for this purpose. Based on this experience, this practicum provides a synthesis of the North Portage experience and the lessons learned as a contribution to planning practice. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)