Parameters for an effective entrepreneurial, regional, hotel/restaurant management training program in Manitoba, Canada

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Rossing, Rainer C.
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The purpose of this study was to propose parameters for an effective, regional hotel/restaurant (HO/RE) administration program at the community college level in Canada--a program with an entrepreneurial focus that would address the needs of independent, small and medium-sized enterprises (ISMEs) but would also be useful for employment in chain operations or large independent operations. The study presents the conclusions of the overall research and makes recommendations to industry, colleges, and the government, including the Conference Board of Canada. These recommendations address various needs of the HO/RE industry, education and training. It includes data and the original interview instrument. It also makes recommendations for further studies. An interview instrument was developed and piloted. The researcher interviewed 34 ISME owner/managers from the catchment area of Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. They were chosen because they provide a full-service food and beverage menu and are open the year round. The instrument asked questions pertaining to employment skills, school/workplace education and training, employment possibilities and background information. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)