Feminist informed structural therapy with low income couples

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Fefchak, Laura Yvonne
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During the past two decades, the field of social work has experienced an increased awareness of the role gender plays in service delivery with various client systems. This practicum report details the process of working with couples from a feminist informed structural therapy perspective. This interventive approach was based on theoretical assumptions of structural therapy that were supplemented by feminist social work practice principles. The practicum took place in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Family Counseling Center. Fourteen low income couples received conjoint therapy services. Some couples attended more regularly than others with the n mber of sessions ranging from one to seventeen. An open-ended questionnaire was used for both initial and final therapy sessions. Additionally, the Dyadic Adjustment Scale was utilized as an evaluation and assessment tool. Evaluation results of this practicum could be described as primarily formative in nature and were obtained throughout the process of therapy with the clients at FCC.