Representing community identity in the landscape, the parish of Ste. Anne, MB

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Clincke, Dominique Jose
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The withdrawal of the Redemptorist Order from the village of Ste-Anne-des-Chenes, Manitoba, has left a culturally significant site available to the opportunity for development. The vacancy of the site in combination with encroachments into the site, and the changing role of the church in community has led to the neglect of a site that has played a significant role in the growth and history of the community; a site which is considered to be the most sacred outdoor space in the village. The goals of the study were to demonstrate the importance of the religious landscape to the cultural and historical identity of Ste. Anne, and to propose a landscape plan which meets the contemporary needs of the church and community, enhancing the community's identity. The site was found to support a continual occupation of religious structures and activities which played a key role in the life and culture of the community. One singular annual event, the Feast of Ste. Anne, was prevalent throughout the growth of the village. A proposed landscape plan incorporates the adjacent health care and seniors facilities, and offers a variety of spaces to suit the needs of all age groups. The focal point of the plan is the development of new multi-functional outdoor worship area. In an effort to enhance the identity of the French Catholic community, the plan for the site combines the religious history of the site and the secular requirements of the community into one.