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    • Vaccine targeting SIVmac251 protease cleavage sites protects macaques against vaginal infection 

      Li, Hongzhao; Omange, Were; Liang, Binhua; Toledo, Nikki; Hai, Yan; Liu, Lewis; Schalk, Dane; Crecente-Campo, Jose; Dacoba, Tamara; Lambe, Andrew; Lim, So-Yon; Kashem, Mohammad; Wan, Yanmin; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Seaman, Michael; Liu, Xiao; Balshaw, Robert; Li, Qingsheng; Schultz-Darken, Nancy; Alonso, Maria; Plummer, Francis; Whitney, James; Luo, Ma (Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2020-11-03)
      After over 3 decades of research, an effective anti-HIV vaccine remains elusive. The recently halted HVTN702 clinical trial not only further stresses the challenge to develop an effective HIV vaccine but also emphasizes ...