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    • Automated truss stacking : final report 

      Foord, Stephen; Johnston, Kristin; Iancu, Adrian; Krawchuk, Neil (2012-02-24)
      Team 16 was tasked by All-Fabrications Incorporated (All-Fab) in Winnipeg to solve their truss stacking problem. Currently, All-Fab is using manual labor to vertically stack the trusses. The use of manual labor creates ...
    • Design of an automated radiator panel rotating machine : final design report 

      Gagnon, Denis; Machungwa, Makumba; McKay, Brendan; Stewart, Gavin (2012-06-11)
      Micro Tool and Machine Ltd. (MTM) required our team to conceptualize and design a machine assembly process capable of moving and orientating transformer radiator cooling panels between two machine operations and in so doing ...