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dc.description.abstract This study is a proposed management plan for Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and associated human/goose conflicts in the urban and near urban areas of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The proposed plan identifies and analyzes strategies and tactics for managing Canada geese at an acceptable level within human health and safety, biological, economic, and social tolerances. The strategies and tactics proposed in the management plan are based on a literature inquiry, SWOT analysis, and field observations in the Capital Region of Manitoba. The literature review explores Canada geese in North America, Canada geese in the Greater Winnipeg Area, and resident/urban goose management at the Flyway and local level. A SWOT analysis of the strategies and tactics proposed in the management plan identifies the strengths and weaknesses both internal and externally of each treatment. Field observations provide the framework for identifying the relevancy of proposed actions to the attributes of the Winnipeg human/goose conflict. en_US
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dc.title Analysis of strategies & tactics : managing Canada geese (Branta canadensis ) in the Greater Winnipeg Area en_US
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