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dc.description.abstract Utilizing a historical research design, this qualitative study identified and examined the causes of unionization among nurses in Manitoba from 1970 to 1976. The influence of economic concerns, working conditions, professional issues, and societal conditions upon nurses' unionization were explored. The impact of these factors upon unionization was then examined within the context and framework of conflict. The data for this study was obtained from the oral testimonies of ten individuals who experienced and participated in the formation of Manitoba's nurses' union. These accounts were obtained through a semi-structured interview format. Additional data was obtained from relevant written documents. Following content analysis of the data, the categories of economic concerns, working conditions, professional issues, and societal conditions emerged as considerations in the unionization of Manitoba's nurses. How these factors influenced unionization was related to work place conflict resulting from perceived discrepancies, unresolved work place problems and tbe need for change. Additional conflict related factors which emerged from this study were the quality of work place communication and the need for nurses to obtain an influential voice within tbe work place. Based on this study's findings, implications for nursing education, nursing practice aud nursing education are offered. Further to this study's findings, recommendations for nurses and their working environment are provided. en_US
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dc.rights The reproduction of this thesis has been made available by authority of the copyright owner solely for the purpose of private study and research, and may only be reproduced and copied as permitted by copyright laws or with express written authorization from the copyright owner. en_US
dc.title Nurses' unionization in Manitoba : a historical perspective en_US Nursing en_US Master of Nursing (M.N.) en_US

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