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    • Lake variability and climate research in northwestern Ontario : study design and 1985-1986 data from the Red Lake District 

      Fee, E.J.; Hecky, R.E.; Stainton, M.P.; Sandberg, P.; Hendzel, L.L.; Guildford, S.J.; Kling, H.J.; McCullough, G.K.; Anema, C.; Salki, A. (Canada. Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans. Central and Arctic Region, 1989)
      The design of the Freshwater Institute "Natural Variability and Climate Research" program is described. Detailed descriptions of field and laboratory methods used at the start of the program are given. Temperature profiles, ...
    • Macrophyte and algal studies of some lakes in the Mackenzie Delta and on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, 1985-86 

      Ramlal, P.S.; Anema, C.; Cummings, E.; Fee, E.J.; Guildford, S.J.; Hallard, K.; Hecky, R.E.; Hesslein, R.H.; Himmer, S.; Kling, H.; Mathew, D.; Nernberg, D.; Schindler, E. (Canada. Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans. Central and Arctic Region, 1991)
      This report is a compilation of data collected regarding distribution, abundance and growth of macrophytes, nutrient status indicators of phytoplankton, epiphyton and epipelon, photosynthesis rates of epiphyton and epipelon, ...