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dc.description.abstract The presence of a child with continuing care needs, special needs, disability and chronic illness effects all family members, particularly the other siblings. Research undertaken over the last 30 years demonstrates that these siblings are more likely to experience potentially severe psychosocial, emotional, behavioural and psychiatric difficulties. Children living with a sibling's continuing care needs are also at risk for adjustment and developmental difficulties. Coping with the symptomatic behaviours of their brother or sister, and the family and individual disruptions that the demands of the continuing care needs child may cause, requires many skills. The adaptation the family achieves will affect all siblings and every member's personal and social development. It is the contention of this practicum that intervention on behalf of the well siblings can maximize the positive effects of living with a child with special needs while minimizing the difficulties that disrupt family equilibrium. The purpose of this practicum is two-fold: to provide an opportunity for the student to explore the role of a clinical social worker in facilitating the ongoing process of coping and adaptation in the siblings of children with continuing care needs and more peripherally, their parents; and to develop assessment and intervention skills in the area of group play therapy with a "Sibcircle". This project is built upon a strengths perspective. An integrated model of play therapy is used, with a humanistic and behavioural theoretical base. Feedback mechanisms provide valuable information about the impact of clinical social work involvement on well-siblings. This intervention model will illuminate the process of coping ia a social support group for well-siblings of children with continuing care needs. It will also aid in planning and implementing appropriate treatment strategies for continuing care children, their siblings and the family as a whole. en_US
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dc.title Sibcircle, siblings of children with continuing care needs; a group intervention en_US Social Work en_US Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) en_US

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